Ryan Luy

Tempe Forum

Biophillia for a New Cultural Center

During a ten day design sprint, a team and I conceptualized an interactive installation as well as a mobile app to attract more visitors to the ASU Sun Devil Stadium year round. We decided to implement near future technology, and introduce natural elements into a collosal, concrete environment that it otherwise wouldn’t allow.

Solar-visual hex tiles would be installed on walls and communicate directly with mobile devices to allow users to change their environment, check for events and activities, and help their way around the facility.


Jorge Estrada, Graphic Design
Ryan Luy, Graphic Design
Baron Wang, Industrial Design
Weizhe Xu, Industrial Design
Tyler Kerpan, Landscape Architecture
Kirsten Holz, Psychology

Environmental, UI/UX

Tiles project biophillic-inspired visuals to adjust the feel of the areas they occupy. Modular in design, they are easy to rearrange and transport given the situation. Their self-sustaining capabilities also counter the high costs of running a large facility.

*Not to scale.