Ryan Luy

Breaking Disinformation

Covering the Facts

“Fake News” is not a sufficient enough term to describe a highly complex information disorder that is affecting modern global society. "Disinformation" aptly names this issue instead, broadly covering the many facets that make this social dilemma illusive. By distilling the problem into its parts, we may begin to better understand this crisis in order to defend ourselves against it.

This research publication documents this topic as well as presents relevant case studies of disinformation affecting different parts of the world. The distorted cover treatment displays the jeopardized integrity of both printed and online information—affecting our perception of even the simplest of things, whereas the stark layout contrasts this by providing readers a reliable and clear typographic system to learn about this issue.

Clarity can always be found in what may at first seem complex.

8in x 10in / 156 pages

Editorial, Print

COS Stereophonics