Ryan Luy


Clothing as Habitat

The storefront is a visual that draws audiences into the retail experience, and provides a glimpse into the essence of what a brand is. Storefronts attract, inspire, and intrigue, yet simultaneously offers an opportunity to connect to a broader narrative being offered.

This proposal concept aims to convey COS’s considered approach to clothing as well as fascination with modern design and architecture. Large swaths of shapes represent the process of constructing garments into wearable objects; at a larger scale, they become architectural elements to be inhabited.

The garments we wear, along with the built environment, shape us and give meaning to what lives inside them; we know and live these spaces quite intimately, and continually reinvent what they mean for us.

16ft x 9ft x 4ft

Model: Alejandro Ruiz
Photography: Ryan Luy
Production Assistants: August Tang, Calvin Wilkins

Art Direction, Exhibit Design

Tempe Forum Breaking Disinformation